White Dog

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Mai 2010



This is the fourth Jack Irish thriller, and the third one in the series to win a Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction.

Jack Irish-gambler, cook and cabinetmaker, finder of people who don't want to be found-has a new job, hunting for evidence that might save the beautiful sculptor Sarah Longmore from a murder rap. Jack soon discovers there was nothing straightforward about Mickey Franklin's death, and falls headlong into a world of shady deals, sexual secrets and country rednecks.

Peter Temple is the author of nine novels, including four books in the Jack Irish series. He has won the Ned Kelly Award for Crime Fiction five times, and his widely acclaimed novels have been published in over twenty countries. The Broken Shore won the UK's prestigious Duncan Lawrie Dagger for the best crime novel of 2007 and Truth won the 2010 Miles Franklin Literary Award, the first time a crime writer has won an award of this calibre anywhere in the world. Temple's Jack Irish series has been made into films with Guy Pearce starring as Jack Irish.

'A brilliant novel of shady deals, sexual secrets, untimely death, dark horses and a beautiful sculptor...' Weekend Australian

'There's not much left that counts for a hill of beans in this crazy world, but one safe bet is a new book by Peter Temple.' Sunday Age

'It's a joy to read Peter Temple.' Bulletin

'A joy-ride of a book.' Adelaide Advertiser

'Another world-class crime novel by one of Australia's best and most consistent crime novelists.' Canberra Times
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Untertitel: Jack Irish Series, Book 4. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: The Text Publishing Company
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2010
Format: epub eBook
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