Measured Success

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Juli 2008



'This is the first book to focus on in-depth studies of how innovation actually takes place in Australia. By carefully examining some failures and some successes, Peter Cebon has created a valuable tool for innovation practitioners, researchers, teachers, students and policy makers.' Michael Vitale, Director of Commercialisation, Monash Asia-Pacific Centre for Science and Wealth Creation

For several years, Australia has been slipping behind the rest of the OECD in its rate of business innovation. If, as economists believe, innovation is the fundamental driver of prosperity, this is a harbinger of long-term problems for the country.
To find a successful way forward, we need to understand the nature and limitations of our innovation achievements. Measured Success analyses eleven cases of Australian high-technology innovation, exploring where we have gone right and where more could have been achieved. Drawing lessons from both the successes and failures, the authors provide valuable insights into Australian innovation management, and the challenges that lie ahead.
Measured Success is an important commentary on the state of innovation in Australia, and offers fresh direction for policy in this area.


Peter Cebon teaches innovation management, innovation strategy and about the design and management of organisations at the Melbourne Business School. He holds degrees from the University of Melbourne and MIT, and worked at Harvard University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology before returning to Melbourne.

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