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Dezember 2014



The origins of a timeless blood feud are revealed in the second installment of the uncanny and enthralling Spectros series

When a ship sinks off the coast of India, a lone survivor washes ashore—a mysterious young man from the American West. Taking refuge among the local nobility, the man falls in love with the daughter of the Yahif. But on the eve of her wedding, Kirstina is kidnapped by the sinister and supernatural Blackschuster. To save his beloved, the American immerses himself in the dark arts and is reborn as a mighty wizard: Dr. Spectros.
In the last car of a train bound for the Old West, two railroad employees discover Kirstina inside a glass coffin, alive but trapped in eternal sleep. Blackschuster kills the porters and escapes with his prisoner as Spectros follows in close pursuit. With the help of a handsome gunslinger, a mute giant, and a knife expert, the doctor will rescue his bride from the clutches of evil or die trying. Luckily, he has a powerful weapon on his side: the ability to transform himself into Kid Soledad, master gunfighter.  


Paul Lederer spent much of his childhood and young adult life in Texas. He worked for years in Asia and the Middle East for a military intelligence arm. Under his own name, he is best known for Tecumseh and the Indian Heritage Series, which focuses on American Indian life. He believes that the finest Westerns reflect ordinary people caught in unusual and dangerous circumstances, trying their best to act with honor.

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