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Dezember 2014



A spooky and sinister army confronts Dr. Spectros in the swamplands of Mississippi

The ship full of enslaved Africans arrived in Natchez just before the end of the Civil War. Freed by the Union army, the Telingas found themselves in a strange land whose language they did not speak and whose people they feared. The tribe fled into the bayou to make a new life with their old black magic—one so powerful it has brought the evil conjurer Blackschuster all the way from the West to the Deep South.
On orders from his employer, Dr. Spectros, the gunslinger Ray Featherskill rides into Natchez. Seeking to avenge the kidnapping of his beloved Kirstina, Spectros has vowed to bring Blackschuster’s reign of terror to an end. Ray has just settled into his hotel room when bullets fly through the window, missing him by inches—the sinister magician is sending his enemies a message. When Spectros arrives, he and Ray venture deep into Telingas territory, where Blackschuster has joined forces with an army of the undead.



Paul Lederer spent much of his childhood and young adult life in Texas. He worked for years in Asia and the Middle East for a military intelligence arm. Under his own name, he is best known for Tecumseh and the Indian Heritage Series, which focuses on American Indian life. He believes that the finest Westerns reflect ordinary people caught in unusual and dangerous circumstances, trying their best to act with honor.

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