He Walked Among Us

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November 2012



The country has been swallowed by the Great Depression 2.0, complete with apple-sellers and Bruce Springsteen singing Buddy, Can You Spare a Dime on the radio. The Republican incumbent-battling his high-living wife, a populist opponent, and the accurate perception that he's rich and removed-has no choice but to follow his handlers' advice: cross the country incognito, living and working among his people for twelve days in a desperate bid to seem attuned to their plight. With secret cameras rolling and his bickering speechwriters composing his diary, he sets off on a trip that will defy the best-laid plans of K Street's finest. Repackaging a candidate and his family has never been so challenging-or painfully funny. From hobo jungles filled with middle management to sidewalks crowded with panhandling schtik-savants, He Walked Among Us is a wickedly gleeful romp across the country and its political landscape.

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