Textbook of Special Pathological Anatomy of Domestic Animals

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Textbook of Special Pathological Anatomy of Domestic Animals should not be regarded merely as a textbook for students, but rather as one which will also be of assistance to them in their later work, as well as to veterinarians generally working in the various branches of the profession, in the assessment of pathological changes. As many new diseases have become known and much new information relating to pathogenesis and aetiology has been gained since the appearance of the last edition, radical revision of the book has become imperative. The discussions in this book cover the circulatory system, blood-forming organs, reticulo-endothelial system, respiratory system, digestive organs, peritoneum, nervous system, urinary organs, genital organs, organs of locomotion, endocrine glands, and skin.


1;Front Cover;1 2;Textbook of the Special Pathological Anatomy of Domestic Animals;4 3;Copyright Page;5 4;Table of Contents;6 5;PREFACE;8 6;CHAPTER 1. CIRCULATORY SYSTEM;10 6.1;HEART (cor) AND PERICARDIUM;10 6.2;Pericardium;13 6.3;Myocardium;21 6.4;Endocardium;45 6.5;VESSELS (VASA);55 6.6;Arteries;55 6.7;Veins;73 6.8;Lymph Vessels;79 7;CHAPTER 2. THE BLOOD-FORMING ORGANS;82 7.1;Lymph Nodes;82 7.2;Spleen (lien);102 7.3;Bone marrow;121 8;CHAPTER 3. RETICULO-ENDOTHELIAL SYSTEM (RES);128 8.1;HAEMOBLASTOSES (LEUCOSES;158 8.2;PATHOLOGY OF CONNECTIVE TISSUE;176 9;CHAPTER 4. RESPIRATORY SYSTEM;178 9.1;Nose (nasus) and accessory nasal sinuses;178 9.2;Larynx;195 9.3;Trachea;200 9.4;Bronchi;206 9.5;The lung;211 9.6;Pleura;291 10;CHAPTER 5. DIGESTIVE ORGANS;298 10.1;Mouth and pharynx (cavum oris, stoma, t. st.a ; fauces, pharynx);298 10.2;Tonsils;326 10.3;Salivary glands;328 10.4;Teeth (Dentes). Jaw (Maxilla);331 10.5;Oesophagus;343 10.6;The crop of domestic birds (ingluvies);350 10.7;Forestomachs of ruminants;352 10.8;Stomach (ventriculus, . .ast.e);366 10.9;The gizzard of birds;395 10.10;Intestine;397 10.11;Liver (hepar);481 10.12;Gall Bladder (Vesica Fellea);564 10.13;Biliary Ducts (Viae Biliferae);564 10.14;Pancreas;568 11;CHAPTER 6. PERITONEUM;576 11.1;POSTMORTEM CHANGES;576 11.2;ABNORMAL CONTENTS OF PERITONEUM;576 11.3;REPAIR PROCESSES AND METAPLASIA;577 11.4;CIRCULATORY DISTURBANCES;577 11.5;PERITONITIS;577 11.6;SPECIFIC INFLAMMATIONS;579 11.7;TUMOURS;581 11.8;PARASITIC DISEASES OF THE PERITONEUM;581 12;CHAPTER 7. NERVOUS SYSTEM;584 12.1;Dura mater;584 12.2;Cerebral and spinal leptomeninges (Arachnoid and pia mater);587 12.3;Choroid plexuses and ventricles;591 12.4;Brain and spinal cord;597 12.5;Peripheral nerves;657 13;CHAPTER 8. URINARY ORGANS;668 13.1;Kidneys (Renes);668 13.2;Renal pelvis and ureter;714 13.3;Urinary bladder;720 13.4;Urethra;728 14;CHAPTER 9. GENITAL ORGANS;730 14.1;Ovary;730 14.2;Fallopian tubes;738 14.3;Uterus;742 14.4;Pathology of pregnancy;758 14.5
;Vagina;764 14.6;Female genital organs of birds;771 14.7;Mammary glands;775 15;CHAPTER 10. MALE GENITIAL ORGANS;802 15.1;Developmental disturbances;802 15.2;Testis and epididymis;807 15.3;Spermatic cord;825 15.4;Vas deferens;826 15.5;Seminal vesicles;826 15.6;Prostate;827 16;CHAPTER 11. ORGANS OF LOCOMOTION;832 16.1;Bones;832 16.2;Möller-Barlow disease (Osteotabes infantum scorbutica;851 16.3;Muscles;890 16.4;Tendons and aponeuroses;915 16.5;Tendon sheaths and bursae;917 17;CHAPTER 12. ENDOCRINE GLANDS;920 17.1;Thyroid gland;920 17.2;Thymus;935 17.3;Pituitary gland;939 17.4;Pineal gland (epiphysis, conarium);946 17.5;Adrenal glands and the chromaffin system;947 18;CHAPTER 13. SKIN;958 18.1;POSTMORTEM CHANGES;958 18.2;MALFORMATIONS;958 18.3;METABOLIC DISTURBANCES;960 18.4;ACQUIRED HYPERTROPHIES OF THE SKIN;963 18.5;HYPERTROPHIES OF SKIN AND SUBCUTANEOUS TISSUE;966 18.6;CIRCULATORY DISTURBANCES;967 18.7;INFLAMMATIONS;968 18.8;INFLAMMATIONS WITH MORE INTENSE INVOLVEMENT OF THE CORIUM OR MORE DEEPLY SITUATED;980 18.9;SPECIFIC INFLAMMATIONS;981 18.10;THE SKIN IN LEUCOSES;988 18.11;TUMOURS;989 18.12;SKIN DISEASES CAUSED BY FUNGI (HYPHOMYCETES AND BLASTOMYCETES)DERMATOMYCOSES;993 18.13;SKIN DISEASES CAUSED BY ANIMAL PARASITES;996 19;INDEX;1000

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