Memory and Imagination in Film

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September 2014



Inspired by Baudelaire's art criticism and contemporary theories of emotions, and developing a new aesthetic approach based on the idea that memory and imagination are strongly connected, Lombardo analyzes films by Scorsese, Lynch, Jarmusch and Van Sant as imaginative uses of the history of cinema as well as of other media.


List of Figures Acknowledgments Abbreviations Introduction PART I: THE WONDER OF CINEMA: SCORSESE 1. Living in Manhattan in the 19th Century 2. Memory and Astonishment in Shutter Island 3. Style and Signature in Film 4. Bazin, Bresson and Scorsese: Performatives in Film Intermezzo 5. Jim Jarmusch's Philosophy of Composition PART II: EXPERIMENTING TIME AND SPACE: VAN SANT AND LYNCH 6. Minimalist Aesthetics in Gerry 7. Space and Long Takes in Paranoid Park 8. Lives on film: Gus Van Sant's Milk 9. David Lynch: Painting in Film Filmography Bibliography Notes


Patrizia Lombardo has taught at Princeton University and the University of Pittsburgh, USA. She now teaches French, comparative literature and film, and leads the project 'Affective Dynamics and Aesthetic Emotions', at the Swiss Center for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Her publications include The Three Paradoxes of Roland Barthes; Cities, Words and Images: From Poe to Scorsese; (with Rallo Ditche and Fontanille) Dictionnaire des passions littéraires; (with Saetre and Gullestad) Exploring Textual Action; and (with Saetre and Zanetta) Exploring Text and Emotion.
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