Nobody's Angel (A Romantic Mystery Novel)

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Januar 2015



Adrian Quinn trusts no one. Four years in prison will do that to a man. Especially if he's innocent. Somebody owes Adrian the truth, not to mention a fortune in lost income. So he tracks down his late partner's ex-a spoiled society wife who walked away with all the money. She ruined his life. Now he wants to return the favor.
Faith Nicholls escaped her two-timing husband right after he shattered her girlish dreams. Left with nothing, Faith made a fresh start in a quiet place where nobody knew her or her name. Until Adrian Quinn stalks into town, dredging up dangerous secrets, awakening smoldering passions in her scorched heart-and making her believe in love again.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~REVIEWS:"Passion, betrayal, and churning emotions make NOBODY'S ANGEL a terrific way to spend your leisure hours." ROMANTIC TIMES
"Master storyteller Patricia Rice weaves a compelling, entertaining tale with a ful-bodied cast of unforgettable characters, snappy dialogue, and sizzling passion. NOBODY'S ANGEL is a keeper!" Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today
"Rice…has created one of the most enticing heroes in contemporary romance." Diana Herald, BOOKLIST

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