The Complex Itinerary of Leibniz's Planetary Theory

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Oktober 2015



This book presents new insights into Leibniz's research on planetary theory and his system of pre-established harmony. Although some aspects of this theory have been explored in the literature, others are less well known. In particular, the book offers new contributions on the connection between the planetary theory and the theory of gravitation. It also provides an in-depth discussion of Kepler's influence on Leibniz's planetary theory and more generally, on Leibniz's concept of pre-established harmony. Three initial chapters presenting the mathematical and physical details of Leibniz's works provide a frame of reference. The book then goes on to discuss research on Leibniz's conception of gravity and the connection between Leibniz and Kepler. 


- 1.An Introduction: The Historical-Conceptual Reference Frame.
- 2.Description of the most Important Elements of Leibniz's Planetary Theory.
- 3.An Interlude: Leibniz's Concept of Inertia.
- 4.The Final Version of Leibniz's Planetary Theory.
- 5.Gravity and Cosmology.
- 6.Kepler's Influence on Leibniz's Planetary Theory, Physics and Philosophy.
- 7.Conclusions.- References.


Paolo Bussotti's research includes history of mathematics, physics and astronomy; philosophy of mathematics; mathematics education and history of technology. He is the author of numerous scientific publications, among them books on the history of number theory and history of geometry as well as articles that appeared in important journals (Studies in History and Philosophy of Science; Rendiconti Lincei: Matematica e Applicazioni).
He received the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship from the Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich) and from the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science (Berlin).

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