We Are on a Major Course of Clarification

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Februar 2015



Over the last twelve years world population has grown from just one billion to seven billion inhabitants. Ona Radtke describes and analyses the causes and consequences of this unbridled growth, which has long accompanied human history as a central theme, but has rarely been thoroughly questioned. This author believes that overpopulation has always been the main source of discord, poverty and war, affecting all facets of life. Now, after many years of extensive travel and observation, he is calling for an increase in consciousness and for redirection. The book includes an interview with the author, a biographical outline with accompanying photos, and a postscript by Professor Wolfgang Lucht of Potsdam Research Institute for ClimateImpacts and the Geographic Institute of Humboldt University, Berlin.


Ona Radtke has developed a theory of population growth based not only on academic research, but also on travel through over 65 countries, observing the many different lifestyles they feature. He spent his final twenty years in his adopted home, Guatemala. Having passed away shortly before manuscript completion in October of 2009, his work appears posthumously.
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