The Business of Kindness

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September 2014



In The Business of Kindness (2006), author Olivia McIvor introduced the powerful role kindness plays in creating positive, purposeful and profitable workplaces. In this second edition, McIvor fast-forwards to the effect technological change and social media have had on the workplace and the challenges of bullying, employee retention and disengagement businesses face.

To McIvor, relationships are front and center in any discussion on how business and community may thrive. The quality of our relationships ultimately determines the health, well-being and success of business and society. Kindness is not often considered a worthwhile solution in challenging and changing times; yet 'kindness' is a powerful and meaningful antidote within every person's grasp.
This book identifies the twelve habits of collaboration that, when put into conscious action, have the power to create positive change. Packed full of reflective exercises, self-assessments, research and thought-provoking stories, this book promises to create renewal and community connection. Where would we be without the courageous, without people willing to take responsibility and act, without those who are trustworthy, and who patiently demonstrate tolerance when tough situations arise? Where would we be without the power of kindness that lies within you?

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