Advanced High Strength Sheet Steels

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November 2015



The book covers all types of advanced high strength steels ranging from dual-phase, TRIP. Complex phase, martensitic, TWIP steels to third generation steels, including promising candidates as carbide free bainitic steels, med Mn and Quenching & Partitioning processed steels. The author presents fundamentals of physical metallurgy of key features of structure and relationship of structure constituents with mechanical properties as well as basics of processing AHSS starting from most important features of intercritical heat treatment, with focus on critical phase transformations and influence of alloying and microalloying. This book intends to summarize the existing knowledge to show how it can be utilized for optimization and adaption of steel composition, processing, and for additional improvement of steel properties that should be recommended to engineering personal of steel designers, producers and end users of AHSS as well as to students of colleges and Universities who deal with materials for auto industry.


Introduction.- Evolution of strength of automotive steels to meet customers challenges.- The main features of heat treatment from intercritical region.- Mechanical properties of dual-phase steels.- The effect of chemical composition on the formation of ferrite-martensite structures and the mechanical properties of DP steels.- Martensitic steels.- TRIP-steels.- Candidates to AHSS of 3rd generation.- Austenitic steels with TWIP effect.- Summary.


Dr. Nina Fonstein is currently a scientific advisor of automotive product development group, Global R&D, ArcelorMittal in East Chicago, USA, being for more than 10 years the manager of that group, leading investigations, development and commercialization of various grades of AHSS.  Before joining ArcelorMittal in 1999 she had been working in the I.P.Bardin Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy in Moscow, Russia, as a senior research associate and later as a head of the laboratory of formable steels working on dual-phase steels from 1979 and on TRIP-steels from 1988. She graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys and hold Ph.D. in solid state physics from I.P.Bardin Central Research Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy (1968) and Dr. Science degree in physical metallurgy from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (1986) as well as the title of Professor from the Supreme Attestation Commission of Russian Federation (1990). Author of the book "Dual-phase low alloyed steels" (in Russian) and more than 100 publications in English. Supervised 16 PhD students in Russia and keep supervising PhD students - employees of ArcelorMittal.

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