A Rage for Rock Gardening

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Juni 2011



A new edition of Nicola Shulman's miniature masterpiece about the life of gardener Reginald Farrer A hundred years ago, there was a revolution in British gardening, as the garden changed from being a diversion of dukes to the hobby of millions. Few figures were more prominent in this renaissance than Reginald Farrer, whose passion for alpines, the most demanding of plants, would inspire generations with a love of flowers. He was the man who put a rockery in every back garden. Tormented by physical and emotional misfortune, Farrer was one of those 'born to endless night'. Yet in the realm of horticulture his many faults were turned to advantages, and he became one of the great plant-hunters, collecting new species from the mountains of Tibet and China. Through the influence of his extraordinary books, Farrer did for English gardening what, half a century later, Elizabeth David would do for its cookery, changing everything forever.


"All lovers of natural history should read A Rage for Rock Gardening, as should connoisseurs of Edwardian England and anyone who wants to learn the art of biography" Ruth Rendall, Sunday Times "As good as biography gets: pithy, funny, touching, never less than captivating" Cressida Connolly, Vogue "Shulman has seen in her epicene, dwarfish subject some ineffable quality that reaches beyond rock gardens and touches the universal - no small achievement." Sara Wheeler, Saturday Telegraph Magazine "An elegant mini masterpiece" Antonia Fraser, Tatler "A miniature miracle of compression, a triumph of decisive style, a cabinet of learning lightly and subtly displayed." The Times "This biography, only 118 pages long, is as satisfying as a biography five times its size." The Tablet "An unforgettable biography, beautifully written in a wry, rather old-fashioned manner, full of comedy and, finally, tragedy - and one which can be read in a single sitting - A real treat." Country Life
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Untertitel: The Story of Reginald Farrer, gardener, writer and plant collector. 211:eBook ePub. Sprache: Englisch.
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