Her Midnight Ride 4: Shocks and Surprises (African American erotic romance)

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März 2013



Book 4 of 5.

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard. Janelle has almost got used to being apart from Greg during the week, but it's not doing wonders for their communication.
She's looking forward to a romantic weekend with him. Especially when he tells her to get ready for a surprise. But it doesn't take long for them to fall into the same old argument they've been having for months.
An emotional bombshell makes them stop and decide what they really want from life. Just as Janelle truly begins to open her heart, fate steps in for a second time...
This short story is roughly 9,300 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

We rode on for a while longer and I leaned against his back, holding on tight as he wove us through the traffic and leaned into the corners. I have absolutely no desire to learn how to ride a motorcycle myself, but nothing makes me feel more alive than riding behind my man, knowing he has everything under control. Well, there's one other way he makes me feel like that, but you can probably guess what I'm talking about there.

I love all the smells when I ride pillion – his tangy aftershave, his aged leather jacket, even the fumes. Whenever I hear the low bass rattle of a motorbike exhaust, my mind goes straight to Greg and how it feels to wrap my arms around him while we race through the city streets.

I meant to ask him where we were when he pulled up outside a school, but instead I heard myself asking, "Can we go for a ride tonight? After dinner?" I like it best when it's dark and all the neon lights are on.

"Sure." He seemed surprised. I suppose I'd never asked to go out on his bike before. "Don't you want to know why I've brought you out here?"

"That was my next question." I didn't recognise the neighbourhood. It looked nice enough – well-kept front gardens and tree-lined streets. The school-building was a pretty

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