Black Girls and Bad Boys: The Playboy's Conscience

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November 2013



Rosa's off on a big adventure doing voluntary work in Brazil after finishing her degree. She flies out to Rio wanting to change the world, but crashes into an arrogant local with a personality a lot less appealing than his brooding good looks.

Fico has been working hard to put his family's significant fortunes back on track after the death of his father. He's almost there when he bumps into a fiery English girl who is far too idealistic for his liking and ends up volunteering in a day-care centre alongside her.

Mutual attraction overcomes their differing politics, and it isn't long before they spend a passionate night together. But then a misunderstanding sets them on a collision course.

Fico vows to teach her a lesson she won't forget, but his plans end in tragedy and they both end up hurt in more ways than one.

Rosa moves on to Argentina, but she can't put the past behind her, and neither can Fico. Will they ever be able to overcome their differences and find happiness in each others' arms?

This novel is roughly 42,000 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


"I thought I should move on. But I couldn't. I can't stop thinking about the night we spent together." There. He'd said it.

"It was just sex."

"Don't lie. I tried to pretend too, but it was more than that. Wasn't it?" He'd been so sure right up until the moment the words left his lips. What if he was fooling himself?

She gave a heavy sigh. "What does it matter? You live in Brazil, I live in England. That pretty much makes dating out of the question. I'm going back to Buenos Aires tomorrow."

"I'm not saying it will be easy."

"Try impossible."

"No. I won't accept that, Rosa." He paced for a few steps, frustration choking him. He felt something for her. Something he needed to explore. She had to see how important this w

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