Black Girls and Bad Boys: Changing his Tune

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August 2013



Noah Trent is a rock star sex-god with a problem - his alcoholism has brought him to the edge of bankruptcy and he's too deep in his addiction to turn things around. But his manager has a plan. Enter Angelique Jones, a rehab assistant who takes on the job of keeping Noah clean while he records his next album and heads out on tour.

But Angelique has her own troubled past. When Noah finds out her secret, he aims to use it to get his own way, but before long it brings them closer. With several addictions and devastating trauma building a wall between them, will they be able to put the past behind them and make a future together?

This novel is roughly 46,000 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


He silenced her with a kiss, pressing his lips to hers the way he'd wanted to pretty much ever since he'd clapped eyes on her. She stiffened in his arms. Had he misjudged the signals?

A couple of heartbeats passed and she melted into him. She kissed him back and the hope he'd been guarding came to full bloom. She wanted him too.

He kissed her harder, wrapping her in his arms. Her perfume was everywhere – an intoxicating note that floated over the top of the sea breeze. Her lips were even softer than he'd imagined. They kissed and kissed, her ripe body pressing urgently against his lean frame.

All his worries had been for nothing. She kissed him eagerly, groans of pleasure sounding in her throat as she opened her lips to him.

Her hand came up between them, pushing against his chest. He stopped. His fast-beating heart laboured even faster. "Are you okay? I didn't mean to—"

She put a finger to his lips. "I'm fine."

He'd been afraid she'd never reach a place where she could let him hold her. Now it was happening, the fear still wouldn't leave him. The moment was so fragile. He had to move at her pace, or risk chasing her away.

But he needed her. He

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