Taken to the Breeding Room (Reluctant monster sex story)

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März 2013



Woken by noises in the night, she finds herself at the mercy of two hairy beasts who carry her away into the night. An encounter with one of their other women shows her what lies in store - they want to breed her and they have a special room to do it in.
Contains rough oral sex with a masterful beast, a bondage-laced breeding session and the promise of even more.
This short story is roughly 3,500 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.

But then they stopped and the first one came right up to the bed. He lifted it with one hand and threw it aside. I looked up and saw a half-human monster. They were both well over six feet tall. One was taller and darker than the other. Shaggy fur covered them both from head to foot, concealing faces that were unsettlingly masculine. The bigger one peered down at me with blue eyes that showed no emotion. He reached down and grabbed the front of my pyjama shirt, lifting me to my feet. My hands went to his wrists, but he was much stronger than me. I couldn't loosen his grip. His muscles were like corded steel under all that fur.

The way he stared at me made me very uncomfortable. I couldn't look away from those cold blue eyes. He held me with his gaze as much as he did with his huge hands. The second creature grunted and he replied in kind. What did they want? It would have been the easiest thing in the world for them to hurt me if they'd wanted to. What did they have in mind?

He turned his eyes back to mine. A cruel heat burned in his expression.

I shook my head and pulled away. "No." Please don't let it be that.

The smile that spread across his face made him look strangely human. He drew me closer – close enough for me to smell his dank musk. I was afraid of what would come next. He sniffed at me, bringing his nose close to my cheek, my throat, my mouth. For a moment, I thought he was about to kiss me. I braced myself, knowing that I w

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