Haunted by Lust (Paranormal erotic romance)

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Louise and Gerry's sex life grinds to a halt when they buy a house together - all that decorating doesn't leave them with much time for each other once the lights go out. When Louise finds a box of steamy love letters in the attic, things start to change. But a ghost from the house's past has her confused with the woman he loves.
It's not cheating if you have sex with a ghost, is it?

Haunted by Lust is an erotic short story of roughly 12,000 words and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


I never did drink that cocoa. It sat on the table going cold while I read through half of the letters that Kitty and Frank wrote to each other. I couldn't work out the order, so I ended up flitting backwards and forwards from the last days of the war to the first letter Frank wrote from the front line.

They were sweet. Notes from a more innocent time. Or so I thought until I found this:

Thursday January 24th 1943

My darling Kitty,

I wish I wasn't such a poor husband to you. I should be there to look after you. Especially now.
I miss you so much. My mind keeps churning over, thinking about our wedding night. After all this fighting, it was you that finally turned me into a man.


Kitty, all I want to do is watch you undress. I only got to do it once. Will you write and tell me what you'd like me to do with you when I get back? I promise I'll guard your letters with my life. No one else will ever see them. It would keep me going on the cold nights to think of you at home in our bed.

Will you think of me at night and take off your nightdress from time to time? I can picture you there, in front of the dresser, in the dark. You take hold of the skirt of your nightdress and lift it up. There's nothing underneath. If anyone walked in, they'd see you in all your glory. You're so blonde down there. Blonder tha

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