Big Beautiful Submission Omnibus (BBW BDSM erotic romance)

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Mai 2013



All five stories from the Big Beautiful Submission series:
Becoming Lily
Tasting Lily
Dressing Lily
Releasing Lily
Embracing Rita

Curvy Rita has just started cleaning for Mr Henley. He's rude, impossible to please and disturbingly sexy. As she starts her week's trial, she finds herself craving his disapproval. And the whip in his desk drawer. Will she learn to love her body the way he clearly does?

When Charles meets Rita, he experiences feelings he never thought he'd have again. She has the kind of body he's always dreamed about but never enjoyed. But is he really the dom she thinks he is?

These stories total roughly 28,500 words and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.


He lifted a corset off a rack and held it up in front of her. To her surprise, it looked big enough to fit her. It was exquisite – layers of matt black fabric laid against pieces so shiny they appeared almost liquid. She yearned to reach out and see if it was as soft as it appeared. But he hadn't told her to do any such thing.

They shared a look of understanding and he snatched up some other items before marching her to the back of the shop.

The assistant hurried along to intercept them. It was almost funny watching her attempt to overtake them without losing her air of professional detachment.

"We'd like to try these on." He held out his selection.

"I'm afraid it's against store policy for you to try the briefs."

Henley plucked the tag with the barcode off both pairs of panties and handed them to her. "Put them on my account."

She nodded and lifted the drapes that cordoned off the changing rooms.

Lily knew she was staring, but she'd only been expecting a few cubicles. The space behind the curtain was like a shop in itself. There was a plump peach sofa and several matching overstuffed armchairs. One wall was lined w

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