Big Beautiful Submission 5: Embracing Rita (Plus size erotic romance)

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Mai 2013



After playing games of domination and submission as Lily and Mr Henley, they've finally decided to spend an evening together as plain old Rita and Charles.

As they relax into each other's company, a run-in with Rita's ex threatens to spoil their date. Will the past ever let them have more than just a sexual connection?

This short story is roughly 5,400 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


They walked on towards the rides. It didn't take much coaxing to get her onto the carousel. The horses had double saddles so he climbed onto one near the edge and helped her up behind him. She held him tight around the middle, crushing her sizable breasts against his back. As the ride began to turn, he gave her hand a squeeze. He'd been careful not to expect too much from their first date – it wouldn't be like their other encounters. Not that he wanted it to be.

Before, the spark between them had grown into a fire that promised to rage out of control. The whole thing had been intoxicating, but it wasn't real. It was simply a game played by two lonely people trying to keep each other at a safe distance. He needed more. And so did Rita.

If they ended the evening with a simple kiss on the cheek, he'd be content with that. It was time they got to know each other properly. The physical stuff could wait.

But it was hard not to think about her naked body when she was warm against his back and he could smell the subtle nectar of her perfume.

The horses rose and fell as they raced in a fixed circle. Loud calliope music blared out from the centre of the carousel and Charles had to shout to make himself heard. "Having fun?"

"Yes," she shouted back, holding him even tighter.

There was no point trying to say any more. He stroked the backs of her hands and let himself enjoy her closeness. It felt right.

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