Aiden (The Cretun Chronicles)

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August 2014



The world is not what it seems.

Aiden lived his whole life fearing the Vanishings. It has already struck him once. When it does again Aiden tries to find the reasons they happen. With the help of his, friends Aiden goes against those in the Tower to solve the mystery that has plagued it since the beginning.

Racing against both the Tower and the world outside Aiden struggles to solve the mystery. He risks being sent to the Farm or death. For Aiden and his friends, they have to know what happens to those who disappear. 

Will Aiden solve the mystery of the Vanishing? Or will he die or be sent to the Farm?

Be sure to check out Aiden the first book in The Cretun Chronicles and the debut novel by Nathan and Derek Howe. If you enjoyed Marie Lu's LEGEND or Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT you'll like AIDEN.

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Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Howe Brothers
Erscheinungsdatum: August 2014
Format: epub eBook
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