The Wet and Wild Way to Womanhood

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Juli 2015



Swim meets are where months of hard work and training finally pay dividends. The good and great come together to find out who's best. But sometimes lazy and perverted people like Stephen make the cut for all the wrong reasons. After flunking out in his race thanks to skipping one too many training days, he decides to entertain himself by hiding in the women's showers. Little does he know that the universe has a change of perspective in store for him. He never learned his lesson as Stephen but maybe he can see the error of his ways once he's spent some time as Stephanie.
This 6k word book is unsuitable for readers under the age of 18 as it contains voyeurism, erotic gender transformation and a sexual encounter between a college athlete and her coach.

EAN: 9781516383795
Untertitel: ebook Ausgabe. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Natasha Koshkov
Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2015
Format: epub eBook
Kopierschutz: Keiner
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