Wedding Vows: Just Married: The Ex Factor / What Happens in Vegas... / Another Wild Wedding Night (Mills & Boon M&B)

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April 2015



After the Wedding???

Wedding planner Karen Petersham loves weddings ??? usually. Until her newest client introduces her best man. Who turns out to be Karen???s ex-husband, Dexter Crane. There are rules when meeting your ex; number one is not to fall in love with him again!

When Evie Harrison ends up pregnant after one sinful night with a gorgeous stranger, she never suspects the father will turn out to be billionaire Nick Rocco!

Now Evie must say, ???I do??? and prepare herself for an explosive wedding night???

The night after the wedding has Bonnie Campbell, Jazz Wilkes and Abby Bauer giving in to the ultimate temptation??? One night with the only men who can stand up to their wild desires.

A Wedding Night You Will Never Forget


USA TODAY bestselling author Nancy Warren lives in the Pacific Northwest where her hobbies include skiing, hiking and snow shoeing. She's an author of more than thirty novels and novellas for Harlequin and has won numerous awards. Visit her website at

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