The Wrong Brother (Wrong Never Felt So Right, #1)

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Februar 2015



The small Texas town of Riggers is a safe-haven where nothing happens. At least that's the way Navy SEAL Zack Pritchard remembers it. He's home on leave and determined to avoid his brother's girlfriend, Chloe La Ruse. If he can just walk his sister down the aisle and quickly leave, everything will be great. Or so he thinks.
Except...his brother's life is in the toilet. Gordy dropped out of college and picked up a gig promising quick money and is only a bit illegal. And everyone is a little vague about the status of Chloe in Gordy's life - including the two of them.
Chloe is not at all the woman Zack remembers. The girl who figured prominently in his fantasies for the past couple of years is not a graduate student with a hermitic lifestyle majoring in sex education. He's stunned to find a woman with an in-depth knowledge of sexual technique, and yet knows nothing about men. Or relationships. Or life beyond the classroom.
Many situations involving thwarted ambitions, fraternal competition, drugs and race cars work out well. Unfortunately this one has some problems.

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Verlag: Nancy Brophy
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2015
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