Dark Ascension: A Demon Anthology

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April 2014



Keep a flashlight handy. This collection of short stories for young adults is sure to draw out whatever's skulking in the shadows. From supernatural entities, to crazed monsters, to disturbing discoveries, evil is lurking 'round every corner. Delve into the dark recess of this creepy book... if you dare.
Dark Ascension: A Demon Anthology includes: GRINNING IN THE DARK: A girl is tormented by a shadowy, grinning figure. HUNTED: Faceless monsters pursue and attack a young teen at her summer job. DOPPELGANGER: Fraternal twins believe something sinister happened to their friend after playing with a real spirit board. PICTURE EVIL: A boy finds a series of fuzzy photographs and is determined to discover what they are and how they came to him. INFINITY: A teen couple is trapped on a treacherous road trip. THE UNDERTAKING: A pregnant teen can't remember how she became impregnated and must control her violent urges before she gives birth.
ASCENSION: A teen witnesses demons emerge from the ground and murder his neighbors.
**Dark Ascension: A Demon Anthology is set in the same world as the Dark Ascension Series (Land of No Angels, Land of No Mortals, and Land of No Demons).**

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