Top 100 Calorie Snacks: Low Calorie Food You Will Love

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Februar 2015



If you love healthy food or want to lose weight, you'll love this list that includes detailed information about the top 100 calorie snacks (and drinks) that are super low calories. These are a dieters dream and provides you with some fantastic low calorie food ideas.

Everything featured in this ebook includes 100 different foods, drinks and snacks that are under 50 calories. Even better, the majority of them are under 35 calories and can be used to aid healthy eating or weight loss.

We also include details of the benefits of each food within the ebook so that you can make good clean eating choices.

If you are on a restricted diet like the 5:2 diet you could plan it around this and have at least 10 of the mentioned foods and not stave on your fasting days.

No matter what your use is, if you want to be healthy, then read this!

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