A Visit to the Land of Lincoln, Indiana (Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series, #3)

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Lincoln State Park provides a family friendly vacation destination steeped in Indiana history.

Nestled in southern Indiana's hills, Lincoln State Park has everything you expect in an Indiana State Park.  It also boasts some extras you might not expect. This Indiana State Park travel guide describes all the amenities of this popular state park. It also includes many of the attractions of Santa Clause, Indiana and Spencer County, Indiana. Lincoln State Park is also just a short distance from Holiday World. Holiday World is a popular amusement park that caters to families.

Kids and parents alike can walk in the places Lincoln walked. They can see life like the pioneers lived it in the Pioneer Village at nearby Lincoln Boyhood National Park. Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln is buried in the park. Archeologists have excavated the foundations to the Lincoln home site.

Like all Indiana State Parks, this park is rich in hiking, boating, camping and fishing opportunities. Guests at the campground or in the cabins will experience a family friendly vacation that all ages can enjoy.

Based on the author's experiences, enjoy the hiking trails, Ohio River and local attractions. My hikes included trails that hug the Lincoln Lake shore and through the rich, southern Indiana forests.

The eleven miles of hiking trails offer a variety of habitat. These habitats include lakefront hiking and deep forestland. Lake Lincoln has a sand beach where swimmers may bask in the sun and a boat rental for those wishing to fish or just tool around the lake.

The Indiana State Park Travel Guide Series will encompass all the family friendly Indiana State Parks. Indiana's State Park system is one of the finest in the United States. With great hiking trails, history, and nature, there is something for everyone at an Indiana State Park

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