Paleo For Beginners: A 14-Day Paleo Diet Plan For A Simple Start To The Paleo Diet

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November 2014



Are You Ready For Paleo?Paleo Has Taken The World By Storm & And Changed Millions Of Lives Simply By Eating The Foods Our Bodies Were Designed To Eat.
It has been proven that if you are new to the Paleo Diet, the best way to get started and stay on track is to start with a Paleo Diet Plan. That is where this 14-Day Paleo Diet comes into play. We designed the meals so that they are simple to make, healthy, and delicious.
Here Is a Sample of What's Inside:
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and sausage
Snack: Kale smoothie
Exercise: 20 minutes low intensity aerobics
Lunch: Ahi tuna salad
Snack: Pear or apple
Dinner: Sweet chilli tilapia
Breakfast: Fruit salad and mixed nuts
Snack: Paleo (gluten free) Chicken fingers
Exercise: 15 minute slow paced walk
Lunch: Bacon and egg cups
Snack: Green tea sweetened with raw honey

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