That's So Gross!: History

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März 2012



More top trivia in this new series from Mitch Symons! Includes cool Top Trump cards to collect with your mates.EnGROSS yourself with the most gruesome, filthy facts about life throughout history, such as...why Medieval people were pelted with rotten vegetables in the stockswhat the Egyptians did to bodies to make them mummieswhat wild animals gladiators were forced to fight in ancient Romeand whether Vikings actually wore horns on their helmets!



    Mitch Symons


    "Mitch knows more totally useless things about useless subjects than anybody on Earth" Chris Tarrant "This is just the sort of information to give children a background to history and hopefully encourage them to delve a little deeper into this fascinating subject. They will love to appal parents, friends and teachers with the gruesome facts in the book - and the illustrations are just as gruesome." Parents in Touch ( 20110325 "Animals, creepy crawlies and the human body are tackled in a Horrible Histories way, and each book is packed with the sort of disgusting trivia that delights children under eight." -- Toby Clements The Telegraph 20110709
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