A Mindy Klasky Sampler (27 Tastes: Passion, Fun, and Fantasy)

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Januar 2015



A collection of free first chapters from USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky's romance and fantasy novels.

Passion: The Diamond Brides Series—nine tales of white-hot love set against the backdrop of the Raleigh Rockets baseball team. The Harmony Springs Series—spicy tales of love in small-town America. Each book stands alone with a guaranteed happy ever after.

Fun: The Jane Madison Series—a librarian who finds out she's a witch. Fright Court—a human woman who finds herself working in a vampire night court where all is not as it seems. The As You Wish Series—a genie grants wishes to women working in professional theaters. Light paranormal novels combining romance with the supernatural, all bound together with a healthy dose of humor.

Fantasy: The Glasswrights Series—a young woman strives to find justice and build order in a caste-bound world teetering on the edge of war and destruction. Season of Sacrifice—a priestess gives her utmost to rescue two kidnapped children who might not want to be saved. Traditional fantasy novels that present very different worlds with very real characters struggling for survival.

Twenty-seven free tastes for you to sample—the complete first chapter of every book. Find the novels that are right for you! Because who doesn't need a little passion, fun, and fantasy? 

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