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Februar 2015



Spanish-Americans have Spanglish; Indian Hindi speakers have Hinglish; Singaporean slang is known as Singlish and inaccurate use of English in China is known as Chinglish. But the biggest variation of English is the one spoken by over 300 million Americans: AMGLISH. With hundreds of different words, spellings and pronunciations, the capacity for Americans and Brits to misunderstand each other is immense. For a Brit relocating to the United States, becoming fluent in American-English is a real challenge. So now, British newspaper and radio journalist (and longtime US resident) Mike Powell, presents the essential guide for those who mistakenly thought we were two nations united by a common language. As well as presenting one of the most comprehensive American/English translators ever published, AMGLISH explores cultural differences too. For example: If an enemy captured a British secret agent and an American secret agent, how could they tell which was which (assuming the agents had no ID, wouldn't speak - and their captors refused to resort to torture)? AMGLISH has the answer!

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Untertitel: Two Nations Divided by a Common Language. Sprache: Englisch.
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