God Gets You

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November 2015



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God Gets You reminds Christians that they will get to heaven despite the countless ways they fall short of God's best for them — a reality that Church leaders seldom emphasize. They're more likely to make disconcerting comments like:
 "Christians aren't sinless but should sin less."

The danger is that Christians can easily fall into performance or legalistic traps. Mike says that it's not like God awakens each of us in the morning with custom scoreboards that display how we rate in His eyes. Christianity isn't about counting sins. It involves repentance, redemption and a new relationship with Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

With compassion and sensitivity, Mike encourages Christians to grow in faith and be thankful that God pursues, rescues and understands us. Packed with hundreds of commentaries, inspiring stories, Bible verses, prayers, videos, songs and many other resources, God Gets You:

  • Celebrates the power of the Holy Spirit who one night filled a new high school graduate with intense joy after he endured a hellish round of insults at a late-night teen party. 

  • Details the gratitude one man feels daily after he fell off a roof and became paralyzed for life - an accident that closed the door on his rebellion and led him to the arms of God. 

  • Showcases the small gestures and extremes that a community went to for a lonely, frightened and financially devastated family after a friend dropped them off at a rental home in Cleveland, Ohio (one member faced a triple organ transplant). 

For 30 years, Mike Murray has taught the
Bible, discipled men, facilitated spiritual retreats, served in a hospice home, mentored fatherless youths and supported social justice organizations. 
Mike earned a journalism degree in 1986 at Kent State University and worked in newspapers before leading his online marketing firm. Mike and his family l

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