Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch!

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Februar 2013



This is a collection of short, non-fiction pieces about self-publishing.
It includes:
Traditional Publishing Is My Bitch! Helpful Hints Don't Be A Dick! Help! My Book Sucks! It's Not The Genre, It's The Story Originality And Risk


I have been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for many years. My writing has an edge to it. I enjoy exploring the dark and surreal landscapes of the mind.
The first two novels in my Legend Of The Crystals series are out (Crystal Warrior and Crystal Origin). Book Three (Crystal Legacy) should be out in 2013.
I also have a science fiction short story collection out called Skin Of Giants, a Twilight Parody called How To Keep Sparkly Emo Vampires Off Your Lawn, and a poetry book called She Stands At The Precipice
My Lovecraftian horror novelette, Eater Of Eyes, just came out.
Thanks for reading! Mike

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