The Minister as Entrepreneur

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April 2015



A compelling case for an entrepreneurial approach to ministry and mission, exploring its biblical basis and potential benefits. Based on extensive interviews with entrepreneurial ministers from a range of denominations. Draws on examples of 'entrepreneurs' from the Bible and Christian history to help readers imagine how such an approach could work in their own context. Addresses the problems some have with the word 'entrepreneur' and sets out a positive and informed alternative understanding. Full of informative and inspiring case-studies of entrepreneurial ministry in action. Building on his own experiences as a priest and an entrepreneur, Volland argues that the concept of entrepreneurship offers churches a helpful lens through which to view Christian ministry and mission, and an understanding and approach to ministry that is well fitted for the mission task in a rapidly changing world. He shows how an entrepreneurial approach is consistent with understandings of leadership in the major denominations and in the new churches. He also argues that such an approach is consistent both with the nature of God and with human collaboration with God's activity in the world. His conclusions are based on extensive interviews with entrepreneurial ministers (Justin Welby and Steven Croft were among the interviewees), and his findings result in practical suggestions for those seeking to be more entrepreneurial in their ministries as well as in recommendations for strategic change that will encourage sustainable church growth and vitality in the years ahead.


Michael Volland is Director of Mission at Cranmer Hall, Durham. His previous publications include Fresh! An Introduction to Fresh Expressions of Church and Pioneer Ministry (SCM Press, 2012), Through the Pilgrim Door: Pioneering a Fresh Expression of Church (Survivor, 2009), Going to College: Bible Readings for Special Times (BRF, 2006) and God on the Beach (Survivor, 2005).
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