The Edinburgh Book of Days

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Februar 2012



Drawn from original records, diaries and contemporary reports, The Edinburgh Book of Days contains a momentous, calamitous or intriguing event or fact for every day of the year, from the earliest periods of Edinburgh's history to the present. Among these are extracts about politics, crime, religion, education, sport and the arts; all topics that resonate in today's world. This informative and fascinating little book will enthrall residents and visitors alike, revealing how the hopes and fears of our ancestors are not so far from our own.


Michael T R B Turnbull has been a teacher and further education lecturer in Communication and in Tourism for most of his life. He is currently a Visiting Fellow at New College, University of Edinburgh. Michael has twice been awarded a Scottish Arts Council Writers bursary (1993, 1997) and a Glenfiddich Living Scotland Award (1986, 1991), as well as a Sir Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship (1993). He has written many books on Scottish history.
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