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November 2011



Stable, happy love affairs, joyful sex, continuous passion, endless desire for the right and, if at all possible, the same partner - a beautiful daydream or everyday relationship reality? Sooner or later, the passion many couples feel for each other cools or even disappears completely. And in spite of this, our ideals of marriage and togetherness remain as strong as ever. Psychologists, researchers and theologians unanimously place the blame for the break-up of relationships on the couple, making them feel like failures. With dubious cures concealed behind such terms as "working on the relationship" or "developing sexuality", they cause harm - whether intended or not. Provocative and critical, Michael Mary shows us how to uncover the five most important lies surrounding love and sex. He demonstrates persuasively that fading passion is not only a completely normal process, but that it is an entirely healthy part of long-lasting relationships. This "(anti) guide with a soothing effect" therefore calls on the self-control and tolerance of couples to fully and actively live their "life in the contradiction" between sexual desire and mutual trust and affection.


Michael Mary, born 1953, has been working as a consultant for individuals and couples since 1979. He is currently the author of 13 books and is well-known in Germany, having appeared in numerous newspaper articles and talk shows.
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Untertitel: 5 lies about love in long-lasting relationships. Sprache: Englisch.
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