Nothing Lasts Forever Anymore

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September 2014



"Using Spain of the booming 1980s ashis example, Lederer describes a world,and a pace of life, fast disappearing.Globalization, interconnectivity,modernization and financial pressures arebringing to an end that slower rhythm towhich men and women have moved...forever. In "Nothing Lasts ForeverAnymore", a small family is faced withnew choices as expanding communitiesencircle the little seaside farm on whichthey have lived for generations. Whateverthey decide to do, even having thosechoices means that things will never be thesame."


Michael Lederer was born in 1956 in Princeton, NewJersey. He wrote this book in 1984-85 while livingon the coast of southern Spain. The Great Game, acollection of 18 of his short stories, was published byPalmArtPress in Berlin in 2012. Lederer is the founderand Artistic Director of the Dubrovnik ShakespeareFestival in Dubrovnik, Croatia. He lives inBerlin, and in Cadaqués, Spain.
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