Elephant Sense and Sensibility

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Februar 2015



Elephant Sense and Sensibility is a comprehensive treatment of the full range of elephant behavior. Beginning with chapters on evolution and the elephant¿s brain, this book is an integrated presentation of the elephant¿s capacity for memory, morality, emotion, empathy, altruism, language, intelligence, learning and teaching. Grounded primarily in scientific research, the book also draws upon anecdotal and visual evidence showing elephants thinking, acting, feeling and behaving in ways that we, as humans, recognize. This complete treatment of elephant behavior supported by the extensive literature, along with anecdotal and photographic material, provides an overview not available in any other text.

  • Covers a variety of aspects that relate to behavior, ranging from brain function and sensory input to communication, learning, and intelligence
  • Features a comprehensive treatment of elephant behavior supported by the extensive literature, anecdotal information, and striking photographic material, providing an overview not available in any other text
  • Features an interdisciplinary approach to behavior, with vital information included and integrated from several key disciplines


"Overall, this is an interesting and worthwhile read. The science presented is accessible to the non-specialist yet informative for the more expert reader and the book is full of interesting facts¿" --Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Elephant Sense and Sensibility

" important read for conservation practitioners, not only in South Africa, for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are developing their world view, and for academics who may be set in their ways, as a means to think outside the box." --South African Journal of Science

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