The Impact of Political Action on Labour Movement Strength

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November 2013



In light of the decline of trade union membership and the role TU are expected to play in industrial relations, this book explores the consequences of government action and the economic policies on TU membership, investigating the forms of political action undertaken by TU and reviewing the conditions under which these actions succeed or fail.


PART I: AN OVERVIEW 1. An Introduction 2. Industrial Relations Development: Perspectives from Advanced Economies 3. Contemporary Theories and Union Actions PART II: THE NIGERIA'S CONTEXT AND CASE STUDY ORGANISATIONS 4. Political Developments and the Labour Movement 5. Case Study Organisations PART III: POLITICS AND TRADE UNIONS 6. Political changes and Trade Unions 7. Economic Factors affecting Trade Unions 8. Unions Socio-Political and Economic Actions PART IV: THE STATE AND PREDICAMENTS OF LABOUR MOVEMENT 9. State of labour movement in Nigeria 10. Future of Industrial Relations in Emerging Economies


Michael Oyelere is a lecturer in the Business and Management Faculty at Regent's University London, UK. Previously, he was Doctoral Research Student at Middlesex University Business School, UK, during which he taught HRM and OB modules at different levels. He has also taught on the MA and MBA programmes at the University of East London, UK.

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