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Juli 2015



This new edition of Teaching Languages Online supports the professional development of language educators as they teach all or part of their courses online. Containing extensive additions, this revised edition includes new models, illustrations and heuristics to further support research-based conceptualization, creativity and practice. In non-technical prose with emphasis on excellence in pedagogical practice, the text takes both the new and experienced language instructor through the nuts and bolts of online teaching practices, using a wide range of examples to illustrate these practices. As well as providing new resources and models, this new edition also considers the impact of broader technological and pedagogical changes, including mobility (learning on the move) and learning in 3D environments.


Introduction to the 2nd Edition
1: Teaching Languages Well Online: The Essentials
2: Language Learning and Teaching in Oral Synchronous Environments
3: Language Learning and Teaching in Oral Asynchronous Environments
4: Oral Venues Amplified via Text and Visuals
5: Language Learning and Teaching in Written Synchronous Environments
6: Language Learning and Teaching in Written Asynchronous Environments
7: Written Venues Amplified via Sound and Visuals
8: Continuing the Conversation
Glossary of Terms


Carla Meskill is Professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice at the University at Albany, State University of New York. Her research and teaching explores new forms of technology use in language education as well as the influences of new technologies on developing language and literacy practices.

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