A Stroke Of Desire

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Juli 2015



"Do not think." He ordered in a heady whisper. "Feel."
His breathing had become more erratic. As she stared into his golden silver eyes she did as he had so sweetly asked and allowed herself to just be in the moment.
With him.
In her darkened loft.
The longer she stared into his eyes the more excited Isa became.
She didn't think. Just as he had told her- she didn't think.
She acted.
Not knowing she meant to do it she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his, greedily and without apology. His hand smoothed to the back of her head and he held her to him as her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him tightly as though she might wake up at any moment. It would be a real shame to wake up before the dream had a chance to get really good.
She deepened their kiss.
He needed no more enticing.
He is the perfect creation.
Isa is a gifted painter with an eye for design; when she gets her hands on some special paint she labors to bring to life the perfect piece of art.
He is every artist's dream...The perfect creation, the ultimate masterpiece. The culmination of years of practice, dedication and skilled handiwork.
When she starts out she has no idea what the night will bring...but the incubus in her special painting knows.
Sweet dreams await Isa when she closes her eyes.


I write dark stories for adults who like to read dark stories.

There may be a happy ending or a glittering rainbow at the end of the storm but I do not lie when I say there's one hell of a rocky path leading to it. Nothing good ever comes easy, my characters included.

Reading, writing, and sharing naughty tales pleases me to no end. I'm an addicted wordslinger who covets sharing my wicked tales with like-minded deviants. Digging into the darkest corners of my imagination and seeing what I can polish and present to you is everything to me.

Thank you so much for reading my work and supporting me. The pleasure truly is all mine. If you have half as much fun reading my work as I do writing it then we're gonna get along just fine.

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