Improving Self-Regulated Learning with Self-Management Tool: An Emprical Study

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November 2014



Self-regulated learning is recognized as one of the most essential skills that students should possess in this information age. Nevertheless, most students are accustomed to the conventional teacher-centered way of learning, thus, they are not competent at self-regulated learning. A Self-Management Tool was developed to guide and enhance students' usage of self-regulated learning strategies. The tool comprises three components; Information-Management Tool, Personal-Management Tool and a Teacher's Manual. A quasi-experimental study was conducted to test its effectiveness and the details of this empirical research were documented in this monograph. The monograph is divided into six chapters, with detailed descriptions on the research methodology. The Self-Management Tool was found to be effective in improving students' self-regulated learning. The findings have significant research and educational implications. Recommendations for future research are included in the final chapter of the monograph.

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