Truth to Tell

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August 2011



Nina Porter seems to have it all: husband, home, family and security. But her life turns upside down when a marital row over truthfulness sets her thinking. Isn't she dishonest herself, always playing the good wife? The perfect mother and daughter? The supportive friend? Should she, instead, try to live without the little white lies that support us all?

Her husband thinks it can't be done. But he goes away on a business trip. And when a glamorous few days of research in Venice are suddenly on offer, there seems no reason for Nina to refuse them. Or to resist the attentions of the handsome Italian who wants to show her the city.

As Nina entangles herself in a web of deceptions, it starts to look as though honesty might not always be the best policy...

Mavis Cheek's sparkling new novel is about shaking your life up, striking out and learning to be true to yourself. It's told with all the brio and humour that her readers have come to love.


Mavis Cheek


If all fiction is a flirtation with the truth, then Cheek, as ever, proves herself an experienced player -- Emma Hagestadt The Independent 20100913 Offers whimsy with spiked wit ... warm, honest and hopeful Waitrose magazine Funny and insightful Daily Mail a fascinating tale of infidelity and deception amid the joys of Venice -- Gerald Isaaman Camden New Journal 20100701 Witty and thought-provoking -- Fanny Blake Woman & Home
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