Foot and ankle in rheumatoid arthritis

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August 2007



One of the earliest signs of rheumatoid arthritis may be pain in the foot. However, this part of the body is very often neglected during clinical assessment of the illness in favour of the articulations of the upper limbs, knees and hips. Nevertheless, it appears evident that a detailed clinical examination of the forefoot, ankle and heel could be useful in order to get closer to a rheumatological diagnosis. Thanks to blood tests and conventional imaging, completed with a scanner or MRI if needed, every doctor should be in a position to detect the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis in the foot or ankle. As well as its diagnostic contribution, this book broaches the theme of the most recent medicinal treatments, that of orthoses, made-to-measure shoes (the prescription of which practitioners and the rheumatologists often hand over to the orthopaedic surgeons), and finally that of local injections. These elements constitute the main treatment of the rheumatoid foot. Taking care of the ill subject does not necessarily stop there and a surgeon may need to operate on the forefoot, which is more common, or on the mid-foot or the ankle.



From the reviews:

"It is generally agreed that the patient with rheumatoid arthritis necessitates specialised care. ¿ This book is the English version of an original French edition by 18 authors. It is a must for the orthopaedic surgeon and the rheumatologist dealing with rheumatoid arthritis of the foot." (M. De Smedt, Acta Orthopaedica Belgica, Vol. 72 (1), 2006)

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