The Kitchen Herb Garden

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November 2012



This book is full of inspiration and practical advice oncultivating a kitchen herb garden,and on using its fresh,home-grown herbs in your cooking. There is detailed information on how to plan,plant,grow and maintain thirty selected herbs in a herb garden that will always be productive.Additionally,there are over sixty delicious recipes - from soups to sauces - forusing herbs in your kitchen.The book includes information on:Which culinary herbs to plant,and how to grow themIllustrated planting plans for designing different types of herbgardenUsing herbs to flavour oils,vinegars,butters,sugars and jelliesHow to harvest,dry and preserve your herbs How to grow herbs in containersHow to match herbs to ingredients in your cooking.


- Includes detailed information on how to plan, plant, grow and maintain your herbs so that your herb garden is always productive. Information on their traditional use is accompanied by advice on cooking them and on their health benefits. - Included in each of the seasonal chapters is a featured Herb of the Month, which includes extended and fascinating information - and some delicious recipes. - Offers you an A-Z Gazetteer of the most popular herbs to use in the kitchen so you can decide which ones to buy as well as which ones to grow.


'This book explains how to grow and use the multi-taskers of the garden: herbs.' Garden News 'It's easy to grow herbs such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme and, in The Kitchen Herb Garden, horticulturalist and bee keeper Maureen Little shows us how. There are some great recipes too...' -Tribune Magazine 'With the seed-catalogue season upon us, this book is an ideal one to help you decide what to order. Maureen Little's style is charming and conversational.' Gardens Illustrated
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