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April 2015



The hotly anticipated third novel from critically acclaimed author and Hollywood actor, Matt Nable.
Guilt starts off with a group of friends getting ready for an eighteenth birthday party. Life is exciting and the world is at their feet.
Jump forward twenty years and they are all struggling with where they are at. Tommy has just got out of prison. Lani, the girl he loved at school, is unhappily married to a cheating husband. Another friend Julia has only just moved out of home to live with her fiancé. And Paul - the high school hero of whom everyone expected great things - is living a totally ordinary life of marriage, mortgage, kids. Where did it all go wrong?
Something happened at that party that changed their lives forever. This agonising novel examines the layers of loyalty and jealousy, the headiness of youth and the inescapable taste of guilt.
Praise for Faces in the Clouds
'[An] almost faultless, often achingly beautiful novel . . . there are passages so moving one has to put the book down and look around, reconnecting with the world, contemplating its beauty anew through Nable's imperious gaze.' Chris Flynn,Australian Book Review
'Nable vividly brings to life the issues that families must face when confronted with disability . . . Faces in the Clouds is a very satisfying book.' Mark Rubbo, Readings
'Echoes of Tim Winton's Breath and of the coming-of-age narratives of Peter Goldsworthy.' Australian Book Review
Praise for We Don't Live Here Anymore
'This book is a kind of magic.' Christos Tsiolkas
'We Don't Live Here Anymore is a delicately scored novel about quiet desperation and subtle grace in the coastal and city communities of Australia . . . We might have gone to school with these characters; their stories and secrets come to us with the truth of familiarity and the sanction of forgiveness.' Kate Holden
'There are moments of gut-wrenching pathos . . . Nable draws the characters so intricately, it feels almost invasive to be so close.' Daily Telegraph
'You can almost taste and smell suburbia in this debut novel . . . Impressive stuff. Nable is one to watch.' Sun-Herald
'It's Tim Winton territory, but Nable's up to the task.' Qantas The Australian Way

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