Snooping Around!

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Juni 2011



Discover the importance of nose work for a dog to understand his worldThis book contains a wealth of ideas on how everybody can keep their dogs busy and entertained with games all around their sense of smell. The tasks and games described here will entertain both the human and their dog, challenging and employing a dog's instincts, and will ultimately strengthen the relationship between us and our dog companions.This book not only contains games, but also ¿search and find' tasks, which can sometimes come very handy!


- Cup games - completely legal- 'Find the lead'!- Distinguishing smells- The big search- Dragging and tracking


Martina Nau lives with her three dogs in the Lower Rhine Region and has been successfully running a dog training school there for many years. Her classes cover a wide range of training, from behavioural training to dog activities, one-to-one training and anti-hunting training. Her articles and books always try to combine theory and practice.
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Untertitel: Train your dog to be an expert sniffer. 2011. Auflage. Sprache: Englisch.
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