Death of Labour Law?

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Dezember 2009



Death of Labour Law? questions the on-going relevance of labour law in Australia and other Western industrialised societies in the twenty-first century. The tension between economic flexibility for business and social stability for workers is set against the backdrop of the Rudd government's 'Forward with Fairness' reform agenda and similar proposals for change in the European Union. Martin Vranken retraces the birth and subsequent growth of labour law and argues that it is essentially a mechanism for employee protection, not labour market regulation. Death of Labour Law? offers a fresh perspective on the current debate about labour law and the role of the state in Australian industrial and workplace relations.


Martin Vranken is a Reader in Law at the University of Melbourne. He has also worked for the Institute for Labour Relations at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and at the Industrial Relations Centre at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. His previous books include Federalism and Labour Law (co-edited with Othmar Vanachter), Employees and the Law: Australasian Experiments, Fundamentals of European Civil Law and Dismissal and Redundancy Procedures (with Alexander Szakats and Margaret A. Mulgan).

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