Why Mrs Blake Cried

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Mai 2013



Much has been written about the work of William Blake and some of the religious beliefs that influenced him, but there is a secret history which, until now, has been kept deep beneath the surface in the mystical underground of England in the eighteenth-century. Here, leading Blake scholar Marsha Keith Schuchard reveals an altogether more intriguing and controversial picture of the poet and artist.

The discovery of Blake family documents took Schuchard on a journey of detection that led her to a cast of radical characters including Cagliostro, Zinzendorf and the mystic Swedenborg, and to a world of waking visions, sexual-spiritual experimentation, kabbalistic magic, tantric sex and free love.

Why Mrs Blake Cried offers a new insight into the work of Blake and takes us on an extraordinary journey through secret societies and ancient rituals.


Marsha Keith Schuchard


Fans of biographical minutiae will find it invaluable, and the closing insights into the refusal of Blake's libido to synchronise with his fading physicality are deeply moving. Niall Griffiths, Telegraph This remarkable book opens the reader's eyes to what fired Blake's writings and art Independent This fascinating book reconfigures the way we see the 18th century...Schuchard's book brings a fascinating new light to bear on Blake's work -- Philip Hoare Sunday Telegraph Exposes a forgotten visionary/sexual underworld. Scholarship with the momentum of a detective story Helen Simpson, Guardian Schuchard reveals a weird esoteric, erotic and apocalyptic counterculture, brewing in what we otherwise consider the "enlightened" 18th century. -- Gary Lachman Independent on Sunday
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