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Juli 2012



Do men and women live in such different worlds that mutual understanding seems impossible? Could something crucial be changed if we had deeper insights into this unknown world? Well yes, maybe. But how can we discover unknown worlds? Quite true... just like Marco Polo, Columbus or Captain Kirk: Man on an expedition. Fearless. Brave. Inexorable.Luckily, I had no clue what was going to happen to me.


To all men and women
A question of appearance
Orders to the universe
How everything works
To put my money where my nails are
Crossing the border
A hairy affair
Horror opponent weight reduction
A matter of the skin
Packing and other problems
My pride and joy
Diva in a Daimler
Shopping and other addiction factors
The blue wonder
Don't smile!
In the limelight
Thinking is a matter of luck
Dramatic epilogue


Bernd Bitzer was born in Frommen on 22nd November 1957 and lives in Reutlingen. After a short foray into business, he decided to give up studying and embarked upon a typical journalistic career. He worked as an editor for various magazines, as a copywriter for advertising agencies and as a PR man. At 26 he became self-employed. This proved to be a successful decision as it has allowed him to indulge in his favourite passions: fast cars and beautiful bags.


Author Bernd Bitzer set out to explore the female world and changed into a sensual woman named Marlene; taking on all that this transition involved. Why did the 53-year-old put himself through all that? Simple! Bernd Bitzer wanted to bring about mutual understanding and courage. "Girls Game" gives male readers a view into an unknown world and proves to female readers that this world lies at their feet, as long as they recognise their own many strengths and possibilities. This book is a comprehensive mix of real experiences and illustrations, with photographs from Stuttgart photographer Claus Rudolph.
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Untertitel: My amazing journey into the world of women. Sprache: Englisch.
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